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Speciality Compounds and Concentrates

A global supplier of specialty compounds and concentrates for the plastic industry. PolyChem Alloy's innovative solutions and product development helps businesses go from Innovation to Realization.

  • Experience: Over two decades of history in developing innovative compounds and providing greener solutions
  • Support: Our technical team is standing by to answer all your questions
  • Success: Through speed to market and following six sigma protocols

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  • Coperion twin screw extruders
  • Mid-stream and down-stream side feeder locations
  • Separate facility for carbon black products
  • Liquid injection system with mass flow meters
  • SCADA data retrieval and manipulation system
  • Dehumidifying dryer
  • Gravimetric and volumetric feeders
  • SPC controls
  • Fully equipped analytical lab
  • Equipped for any material package
  • Class VI process area certification for medical applications

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